Understanding animal movement decisions at multiple spatiotemporal scales: linking local habitat use and migration behaviour of honey buzzards (Pernis apivorus) with habitat heterogeneity. Kone Foundation Grants – Finland. Leading researcher: Patrik Byholm University of Helsinki – Department of Biosciences (with Jari Valkama University of Helsinki – Finnish Natural History Museum and Vincenzo Penteriani EBD- CSIC)  http://koivu.luomus.fi/english/zoology/satellite_honeybuzzards/index.htm


An attempt to integrate and interpret dispersal processes, floaters and dynamics of (meta) populations. Ministry of Education and Science, Spain. Leading researcher: V. Penteriani (with Hanna Kokko and María del Mar Delgado)


Distribution, density and breeding outputs of Goshawks Accipiter gentilis in the Park of Sirente-Velino (Abruzzo), and management guidelines for old-growth beech forests. Natural Park of Sirente-Velino, Italy. Leading researcher: V. Penteriani (http://www.parcosirentevelino.it/index.php)


Granting of a one-year stay in the University of Helsinki (Natural History Museum) by the Spanish Secretaría General de Universidades, Ministry of Education (Salvador de Madariaga Program) to develop the project “From an empirical approach to a theoretical perspective: multi-level explorations of the ecological process of natal dispersal”


Natal dispersal models and strategies in long- lived birds. Leading researcher: Vincenzo Penteriani. Ministerio Educación y Ciencia – C.S.I.C. (Proyectos Intramurales Especiales)



Spatial and temporal patterns of the eagle owl colonization of Doñana and possible re-arrangement of bird communities. Junta de Andalucía, Spain. Leading researcher: V. Penteriani


Effects of individual quality and habitat heterogeneity on breeding performance, use of space, dispersal and social interactions in long-lived species. Ministry of Education and Science, Spain. Leading researcher: V. Penteriani